Angelus Block

Above is our HNA hardscape award winning installation at the Embassy Suites Mandalay Bay in Oxnard, California and utilizing the Angelus Antique Cobble pavers.

Paving Stone Collections

Heritage Collection

The Heritage Collection of paving stones is a beautiful European old-world rendition which is hundreds of years old.  The Heritage Paving Stone Collection is formed with a unique “bread loaf ” surface designed to create an intentionally softened and rounded top.  The paving stones can be configured into different paving stone systems.

Install Antique Cobble and Cobble Fan pavers together to create interesting layout combinations. Use the Royal or Appian Cobble for driveways, walkways and patios.  Age and character can be added by tumbling.

Antique Cobble

Appian Cobble

Cobble Fan

Royal Cobble

Natural Collection

The unique Natural Paving Stone Collection resembles the surface of natural stone. The tumbled and non-chamfered paver shapes are reminiscent of age old cobblestone character.

The Natural Collection accentuates any landscape design. 

A backyard patio with Estate Cobble.  Use the Quarry or Castle Cobble for a front approach.

Castle Cobble

Estate Cobble

Quarry Cobble

Slate Circle

Slate Stone

Traditional Collection


6 x 6

6 x 12

8 x 8

12 x 12

Environmental Collection

SF – Rima

Permeable Holland


Geometric Collection




Bishops Hat

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