Garden Patio

Above is a Garden Patio that Pacific Pavingstone installed on HGTV's Landscaper's Challenge.

Years ago in most cases patios were just slabs of concrete – the possibilities just weren't there. Today however, no matter where you live, you can fashion a stylish patio garden that's an intimate getaway right outside your back door. Create your own garden patio retreat.

You're much more likely to spend time in a room if it includes elements you love, such as your favorite color or favorite painting. That goes for patios, too. Here are some tips for turning these outdoor living spots into a private home resort.

Garden Patio Ideas

  • Imagine the purpose you want for your outdoor living space.  For relaxation?  As a family outdoor dining or sitting room?  Do you plan to entertain there? If so, how many people do you plan to accommodate?
  • Use the architectural style as a basis. An outdoor retreat should complement your home's architecture – not fight it. For example, a Southwest-style courtyard enhances an adobe home, while a formal English outdoor sitting room top suits a traditional style. Use colors from your house in your patio design to tie the spaces together.
  • Extend the inside – outside. Pick colors, fabrics, and furniture styles you like inside your house and take them outside for a harmonious connection between the indoors and outdoors.
  • Define the space. Structures help define a patio as a "room." Adding an overhead structure gives the sense of a ceiling and the space a sense of privacy.
  • Turn it into a focal point. A patio should grab your eye. Consider how you look out onto the terrace from the house and what you want to see from those windows
  • Go shopping. Look around for pieces that capture your interest and compliment your patio. These pieces will make you patio your own.

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