poolside patio pavers

One good thing about installing backyard paver patio is that it doesn’t require curing time. You can enjoy your new outdoor room as soon as the project is completed.

Your backyard patio is most likely to attract foot traffic so it’s important to choose a robust and flexible paving material.

Pavers come in various colors and styles so you’re sure to find a combination that you’ll love. Let’s look into few backyard paver patio design ideas you can use as inspiration.

1. By the pool

Create your very own resort getaway with a poolside patio designed with pavers. Easy-care and low-maintenance, pavers let you work less and relax more.

2. By the pond

Indulge in a refreshing backdrop by your paver patio with a pond. Keep little ones entertained while food is being prepared in the outdoor kitchen.

3. Round

Ideal for small or corner spaces, a round patio makes for a stylish, intimate gathering spot. Put in a rustic bench or a pair of wooden chairs for comfortable seating. You can as well opt to surround the area with low-maintenance foliage for an added sense of privacy.

small round backyard paver patio by the pond

4. Freeform

Get creative and give your patio a natural look by going for a freeform style. Pavers are ideal for this project as they can be cut in various sizes and laid in various patterns too.

5. Striking

Think color and come up with your own palette combination. This will give your backyard patio a unique and interesting look.

6. Toned down

If you prefer more subtle hues, you can also choose a neutral color combination for your pavers. Mimicking the natural look of stones, a minimal color pattern will work well with natural elements or softscapes in your yard.

backyard paver patio with artificial turf

7. Artificial turf

Save water in your yard and let water percolate between your pavers. The soft greens can also provide a comfortable cushion for bare toes navigating the yard.

8. Garden walls

Incorporate garden walls in your design as you separate one outdoor room to another. Create transitions that enhance the overall look and feel of your outdoor living spaces.

Get inspiration for your next landscape remodeling project with these backyard paver patio design ideas.

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