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How to Care For Hardscape During the Winter

As the seasons change, they sometimes affect your property. During the winter, the weather can ruin your hardscape. Fortunately, there are important steps you can follow to make sure your hardscape survives throughout these cold months. Read along to know to care for hardscape during the winter.

When It Rains, It Pours (Out, Onto Your Beautiful Hardscape)

care for hardscape winter

When the rainy season hits, there’s going to be a lot of debris that comes with it. If you’re expecting a rainstorm, make sure you clear our your drains so that it doesn’t end up on your patio or driveway. Weird objects can end up in the drains and have the potential to scrape your concrete or pavers. Basically, it’s a good habit to make sure your drains are cleared out anyways, but be especially sure before they are a rainstorm comes.

Expecting Freezing Temperatures? Expect More Cracks in Your Concrete, Too

care for hardscape winter

In Southern California, the temperature rarely goes below 32 degrees Farenheit, but it still does happen. If you live in any area that gets frequent snow, you should pay extra attention to this section.

Concrete is known for having cracks as it is, unlike their more durable cousin, pavers. Well, when it rains in the winter and it gets freezing cold outside, the water in between the concrete’s cracks expands and causes the cracks to enlarge. This gives you either a good reason to seal your concrete or switch to paving stones.

If you already do have pavers, you should consider sealing them, too, just to avoid any risk of cracking. Luckily, if a stone does end up getting cracked, you can seamlessly replace the sole stone, as opposed to the entire area as you would with concrete.

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