cleaning patio with natural stones

Enjoy the Natural Beauty of Stone Patios


natural beauty of stone patios

Because of its natural beauty, stone is a wonderful choice for your patio. Stone naturally coordinates with many different types of architecture, and it comes in a variety of colors and textures.

Stone can be natural or cut into tiles, and tiles are cut in standard thicknesses and dimensions to suit your needs.

If you’re looking to re-do your patio or install a brand new one, a stone patio might be the perfect choice for you.



The hardness of patio stone varies by the type of stone and where it was collected. Some sandstone can be as strong and durable as marble, however, it can also be so fragile that it could be scratched or dented with just the touch of the fingernail.

At Pacific Pavingstone, we will make sure you get the right type of stone for your patio.

Different types of stones will absorb water in different ways. If the stone is highly porous, it will absorb a lot of water. When the weather is cold, the water will expand if it freezes, and the stone can crack.

Stones that absorb less water are more durable than others. These stones will last much longer when placed outdoors for use on patios and walkways. This is why stone is such a popular choice when patios are constructed.

Many times, flagstone is used for patio designs. This is stone that is flat and brought in from the rock quarries. Oftentimes, these stones come in one giant piece that is broken down into multiple shapes and sizes and thicknesses.

The most common flagstone types are granite, limestone, sandstone, quartzite, and bluestone. The split face or cleft face flagstone has a rough, uneven surface with a rustic appearance. Hone faced flagstone has a much smoother appearance but is still a bit rougher than concrete.

Another type of stone used for patios is stone tiles. All types of stone can be cut with a machine to produce different types of tiles. The most popular types are slate and tumbled marble tiles.

Granite, sandstone, and limestone are all available in many dimensions and thicknesses as well. Stone tiles can be a bit more expensive because they take a lot of time and work to cut.

Other materials often used for a stone patio are rocks and pebbles. Rounded rock and river rock are naturally formed stones that are used. Because of glacier movement and water, these stones are smoothed naturally and happen to be much more durable and resistant to moisture.

They are not as expensive as some of the other rocks. However, with the rounded shape they have, they can be a bit of a challenge to install as the surface of the patio.

When choosing stone for your patio, check around and research all your options carefully before making a final decision, and if you need assistance, be sure to contact Pacific Pavingstone.

No matter what type of stone you settle on, your stone patio will surely have a lovely appearance because of the natural beauty of stone.