permeable paver benefits

In a previous post, we showed you how permeable pavers work and how they’re installed. If you’re still thinking whether or not to replace your driveway with a permeable paving system, then this list of permeable paver benefits should help you decide finally.

1. Reduces Water Demand

According to a study, California is experiencing the worst drought it had in 1,200 years. Authorities are encouraging Californians to cut down water usage. While at the moment people’s attention is directed toward lawn removal and replacement, there are other ways to achieve this goal, such as using permeable pavers. Permeable pavers allow water to penetrate the soil below naturally, reducing the need for man-made irrigation systems in surrounding areas.

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2. Mitigates Water Runoff

Southern California is home to a warm climate with an average annual rainfall of only 15 inches. But even if it doesn’t rain regularly, storm runoff can still trouble homeowners. There’s a reason permeable pavers are also referred to as a stormwater management system. In a regular concrete or paver, water will flow through the surface, straight into the drain and then into lakes and rivers. This could cause clogging and pollution as stormwater picks up with it substances such as trash, grass, and even contaminates. Permeable pavers are designed to prevent this from happening. Instead of running down into the streets or the drain, stormwater is filtered and absorbed back to the earth.

WATCH THIS VIDEO by Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) about permeable paving system as stormwater runoff solution.

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3. Requires Minimal Maintenance

When properly cared for, your permeable pavers benefits can last you a lifetime. Cleaning is done by sweeping or vacuuming three to four times annually or as needed to keep substances from getting stuck between the gaps, and to ensure that the system is functioning well.

permeable paver benefits

4. Beats Heat

Permeable pavers do not get deformed when exposed to intense heat. Water is absorbed by the ground and as a result, temperature in surrounding areas cools down. Apart from its summer-friendliness, the system is also engineered for physical strength – it can handle heavy vehicles.

permeable pavers

5. Enhances Beauty of Your Home

Permeable pavers come in various colors, patterns, and styles to suit your home. You not only get to enjoy a fantastic looking driveway for several years, you also get to save time as the system requires little maintenance. Most importantly, you’re helping the environment.

With permeable paving, your investment doesn’t go down the drain. However, make sure to work only with professional contractors so you can feel confident that the system is properly designed and installed, and that you’re making the most out of permeable paver benefits.

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