Creative Ways to Install Stepping Stones Pathway

Tips for Installing Stepping Stones Pathway

Stepping stones pathway make a versatile alternative to the conventional walkway.

The unique appearance of stepping stones turns every trip to your yard into a leisurely walk. Like walkways, stepping stones serve as a map in your yard, leading guests as they explore from one area to another. These pathways also protect your plants from damage due to heavy foot traffic.

Property owners usually prefer stepping stones over walkways as they require less work installing. Both can be used to enhance appeal and maximize use of your yard spaces.

Here are design tips for laying stepping stones pathway.

1. Keep it casual with random stepping stone shapes and sizes.

If you’re going for a free-flowing, laidback design, then stepping stones of varying sizes and shapes would be a great addition to your outdoor spaces. This design works well if you want to achieve a natural look for the pathways to blend with the surrounding environment.

2. Go symmetrical for a clean look.

Symmetrical steps feature clean lines and straight angles. This stepping stone design complements formal gardens and modern landscape designs.

3. Increase the fun with round steps.

Install stepping stones in circular shapes to create another visual interest. Have them in varying sizes for a more relaxed vibe. Kids will have fun merely finding out where the round steps would lead them next.

4. Install intersecting pathways to accommodate wide spaces.

If you’re working on a wide space with activity areas placed separately, consider installing intersecting paths. Give option to users who might be in a hurry (so they can take the shorter, faster route) and distribute as well the foot traffic.

5. Place stepping stones across a pond or water feature.

Instead of building a bridge, look into the possibility of positioning stepping stones across water features in your yard. If you own a koi pond, the steps will also allow you to get closer and interact better with your fish. Remember to match the size of the stones with the scale of the water feature.

6. Look into the checkerboard design.

The checkerboard design is another fun way to spruce up your stepping stones pathway. Install your pavers into a checkerboard pattern. Consider using light-colored stones to create contrast against the dark-colored moss or turf.

If you’re unsure which stone to use, you can always refer to your patio design. Match your choice of stepping stone pavers to the patio pavers you’ve used. Consider working with professional paver installers so you can create stepping stones pathway that increases appeal and usability of your backyard, without compromising safety.