The crew got to the job site bright and early today and went straight to work. It is amazing how quickly this job is getting done, we are even ahead of schedule!

All of the paving stones have already been laid down and the only thing left to get done is the edge work. Small sitting walls were installed so students now have a place to enjoy their lunch as the stream is running near by.

The amount of detail that each of the crew members put on their work has me convinced that they are complete artist at what they do. They are completely organized and know exactly what to do next. This caught the attention of most of the schools faculty and film crew from the TV show.

One of the hosts of School Pride, Kym Whitley, stopped by and met with Terry and Chad Morrill during the construction day.

Chad explained to Kym how the pond works without a single chemical to keep it clean, and how it will eventually become it’s own self sustaining ecosystem.

We were also visited by Susie Castillo again and she took a couple swings with the pick axe as the landscaping crew got the plants in. Susie even spoke to one of our crew members, Patrick Luttrell, and he explained to her how the AquaBlox work to create the disappearing fountain.

Terry Morrill also took some time today to walk the schools principal through the job site and see what is being done, needless to say that Dr. Kim was very happy with the progress that we are making and is excited to see it when it is completed.

With this being one of our favorite projects that we have ever worked on, we even invited our own office staff to stop by and take a look. It’s a great way to see how their work is then installed to create a beautiful landscape.

Pacific Outdoor Living crew prepping the stream

Currently the crews are placing boulders in the pond and prepping the stream so the smaller rocks can be brought in to fill the water features. The electrical and plumbing for ponds is getting installed. The bridge that goes over one of the streams is now completed and the decomposed granite walkways are being done.

Mulch is being spread around for the landscaping and most of the plants are already in. Irrigation lines are finished and already being tested and adjusted. The paver crew is carefully cutting all of the edges to make sure large spaces are not left in between the pavers.

Tomorrow will be another big day for the guys as we continue to work hard to get this job completed by the deadline.