NBC is currently filming a brand new reality show that truly gives back to the communities in need. So many schools across the country are in the worst possible shape, and receive little help from the districts into making the necessary improvements.

School Pride is not only taking on the task of making these improvements, but completely remodeling the entire school from the ground up. Take a look at Pacific Outdoor Living on NBC’s School Pride.

Pacific Outdoor Living was chosen to participate in this very special event, as they remodeled the Los Angeles Center For Enriched Studies in Culver City. The school was built in the 1940’s and has seen tons of wear and tear throughout the years of constant use.

NBS interviewing landscape paver contractors

We were assigned to re-design the courtyard and quad area which is currently a large patch of dead grass and old wooden benches. The design for the new courtyard was done by Pacific Outdoor Living‘s owner Terry Morrill and includes pavingstones, pathways, 2 ponds, streams, a bridge, artificial turf, and full landscaping.

The massive project will be completed within 5 days by 15 of our crew members. Once it’s finished, it will be the centerpiece of the entire school for students to enjoy for the years to come. Stay tuned as we will post progress photos of the project and unveil the finished product at the end.