Learn which pavers from permeable paving manufacturers is right for your Los Angeles home.

Our Favorite Permeable Paving Manufacturers for Landscapes and Streetscapes

In the past few decades, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and many local municipalities have mandated guidelines to help manage stormwater runoff. This movement has paved the path for innovative products like permeable pavers. Permeable paving manufacturers have created paving stones much like those used in traditional applications for driveways and other surfaces. These permeable […]

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Removing Stains on Pavers: From Oil and Grease to Hard Water and Rust

Paving stone driveways are a popular choice for not only their classy appearance, but also the reduced maintenance they provide compared to asphalt or concrete. Even if you choose to have a landscaping company or paving contractor install pavers, there could come a point when your driveway may experienced unwanted stains. Removing stains on pavers […]

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How Much Does Brick Driveway Paving Cost?

Renovating your old driveway can be one of the best curb appeal investments for your Southern California home. As you begin to research driveway paving materials, you’ll find a few main options to consider. Homeowners in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas are shifting from traditional materials to a better driveway material option. The old […]

Tumbled Paver Driveway on Hillside Estate

Our 3 Favorite Driveway Brick Paving Patterns

A driveway may be easily overlooked, but it’s one of your property’s best chances for both curb appeal and frequent functional use. If you assume that driveways all look the same, you couldn’t be more wrong. Your driveway is one of the first things that visitors will see upon arriving. It can commonly be one […]

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Driveway Paving: Comparing Asphalt vs. Brick vs. Concrete

It’s time. You just can’t take that ugly, cracked driveway any longer. You’ve looked enviously at driveways on your commute and there seem to be so many options that it makes you dizzy. Here in Los Angeles and the Southern California area there are several options for driveway paving materials. Understanding which material is best […]

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How to Find a Driveway Paving Contractor

Using paving stones for driveway paving has become a popular choice over the past couple decades. Paving stones will out perform other surfaces, such as stamped concrete and asphalt since its interlocking, flexible surface will not crack. Comparing Driveway Paving Companies in Southern California Choosing the best of the driveway paving companies can be difficult, […]

Tips for Installing Stepping Stones Pathway

Creative Ways to Install Stepping Stones Pathway

Stepping stones pathway make a versatile alternative to the conventional walkway. The unique appearance of stepping stones turns every trip to your yard into a leisurely walk. Like walkways, stepping stones serve as a map in your yard, leading guests as they explore from one area to another. These pathways also protect your plants from […]

Natural Looking Water Feature with Rocks and Boulders

Tips for Using Rocks and Boulders for Your Landscape

Boulders make a great accent to a landscape for their natural, timeless appeal. They complement the soft greens in your yard and can even be used as an extra seating spot. However, using rocks and boulders for designing your landscape also has its challenges. When not properly placed, boulders can pose a safety threat. Here […]

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Navigating Yards Made Easy and Stylish with Paver Walkways

Walkways are a fundamental part of any residential or commercial property. This especially rings true for sloping landscapes. Without a pathway, merely walking from the street to your front door can become a chore. Paver walkways make getting around your yard a lot easier. Come rainy days, you no longer have to worry about your […]

Outdoor Stone Fireplace with Fridge

Extend Quality Time with Your Loved Ones with Outdoor Fireplaces

An outdoor fireplace keeps the fun going even as the sun goes down. It gives you an excuse to linger longer outdoors, just spending quality time with your loved ones or relaxing on your own. This outdoor feature is also commonly used as a focal point when arranging outdoor furniture. If you are as well […]