water wise landscaping with pavers

Water Wise Landscaping with Pavers

Gall Patios Installations

Backyard Paver Patio Design Ideas

Garden Wall Designs 8

Retaining Wall Design Ideas

Sloping or hilly landscapes? No problem. You can still enjoy use of level spaces by taking inspiration from these retaining wall design ideas. A retaining wall holds back soil and allows for reshaping of uneven landscapes. This structure can be built using various materials such as wood, metal, and concrete. Stones are a popular choice […]

rain proof roof against hard rain

Surviving El Nino

The key to surviving El Nino and its effects is preparation. The harsh rainy season can take a beating on your landscape but there are ways to keep your property and loved ones safe.

grey paving stone garden wall and brick floor

Retaining Wall Uses and Benefits

Does your Southern California home feature sloping or elevated yard spaces?

Paver patio step ideas to enhance the safety, function, and beauty of your outdoor living spaces.

Long-Term Benefits of Choosing Paving Stone Steps

Steps are important especially in elevated or uneven landscape environments. They make safe pathways so you can navigate outdoor areas of your home conveniently. But more than allowing you enjoy maximum use of your yard, outdoor steps can also add to the overall beauty and value of your home.

Pool Deck Installation

Landscaping with Patio Pavers

Your patio is the extension of your home, and so you’d want it as inviting and easy-care as your indoor living room. You can use various materials in designing your patio, but pavers make an excellent choice for this.

Northfield Block Belgard Fireplace Design

6 Ways to Use Pavers in Your Home

Paving stones are a popular hardscaping choice among homeowners as they’re flexible and extremely durable. Pavers can be installed to enhance the look and feel of almost any area in your outdoor living space. Design options also vary, which means you can customize patterns to what would work best with your home’s architectural theme as […]