backyard paving stone surface with multiple designs surrounding blue pool

How to Choose Paver Design for Your Home

There’s no standard rule to choosing the right type of paver for your home. More often than not, it boils down to personal preference. However, for some homeowners, it can also turn out overwhelming. You may be unsure where to start, what your choices are, or how to communicate your needs to your designer. In […]

Driveways with circular paving stones

7 Myths About Pavers Debunked

Garden Wall Designs with stones

Going Green: 5 Things to Love About Permeable Pavers

In a previous post, we showed you how permeable pavers work and how they’re installed. If you’re still thinking whether or not to replace your driveway with a permeable paving system, then this list of permeable paver benefits should help you decide finally.

Walkway going through the gate

Spruce Up Your Side Yard this Summer with Paving Stones

Your side yard can do better than storing trash bins and unwanted shrubs. That little strip that connects the front yard with your backyard can be transformed from boring and empty to an inviting and functional outdoor space that everyone in the family will love, with the help of paving stones.