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What is Stamped Concrete?

Stamped concrete is concrete that has been stamped with a special mold, giving it the appearance of stone or tile. Stamped concrete has become a great alternative to plain old poured concrete and an affordable choice for those looking for a stone finish. There are hundreds of different textures and patterns available to choose from, […]

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How to Stain a Deck

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What is Flagstone?

Flagstone is a general term given to sedimentary rock used in paving and landscaping. Sedimentary rock is formed over time by strong pressure and heat, which forces together layers of small particles and creates a strong, dense mass. This formation is then split into thin sheets which we call flagstone.

Flagstone is most commonly a sandstone mix, but can also be made from limestone or quartz stone. It comes in different thicknesses, usually ranging from a half an inch to about two inches. Common colors are red, beige, brown and pink, but you can also find it in green, blue or white.


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Permeable Pavers

Water Run-Off Into Storm Drain

Even in Southern California, where rain isn’t a regular occurrence, storm run-off can still be a problem. With a common cement or concrete driveway, rainwater rolls down onto the street and into the storm drain. The rain carries with it things like grass, fertilizers, trash and other contaminates that go down into the drain.

Storm run-off is a major cause of pollution in lakes and rivers, and some city municipalities even require that you use permeable pavers if you are building or replacing your driveway. So, what are permeable pavers?

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Paving Stone Styles

Paving stones come in a wide variety of styles and colors, so finding one that fits your home is very easy. Most people aren’t aware that a multitude of looks can be achieved using interlocking concrete pavers. We’ll go through some of the different kinds avalable:

Holland Stone

Holland Stones: Originally manufactured in 1945 in Holland, these are the original paver stone. The process of setting pavers in sand to be flexible began in Holland with these stones. They resemble standard bricks with a clean, modular shape and are extremely strong and durable.

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What are Grass Pavers?

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How to Replace a Paving Stone

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How to Clean Your Patio

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How to Design a Pool Deck