Easy Spring Patio Ideas

For the hobbyists looking for something to do, consider a DIY closer to home: your patio! Spring has the perfect weather and aesthetic for renovation. Patios can be fun to decorate because they are an extension of your home that is outside. You can add different elements to this part of your home to make the outside more cozy. Changing simple parts of the patio can be a great way to update the area.

However, when it comes to construction of your patio, you may want to hire Los Angeles paving contractors like us to do the job for you. This will ensure that the job is done right in the expert hands of a professional.

Now for your patios that need revamping–we shall talk about several nifty ideas that you can use to breathe in new life into your outdoor living space.

Go for neutral tones

This is the safest bet—but this can be the classiest. Natural colors are to the advantage for those going for an understated and affordable take on the outdoors. Choose from natural stone, wood or stamped concrete. Experimenting with staining concrete, instead of painting over it, gives a similar effect as the genuine thing that compromises both the look and cost of your patio.

Do not estimate the power of lighting

Everyone on Instagram says it because it’s true: lighting can do you no wrong. In Los Angeles, the backyard is a perfect place to set up the mood for drama at night, especially in the springtime when the weather is cool. Patio lights can be safe in strategic places with lights, bulbs, sconces, and lamps to brighten up outside.

Furniture makes the patio more functional

Think of the patio as an open-air living room. A creative way to decorate the space for spring and savor its cool air would be to treat it like the inside of the house. Electronics can be at a minimal for practical reasons but it can all be a comfortable alfresco with cushions and pillow chiffons. Not to mention a suggested Arabian Nights-inspired patio with the works of tables, chairs, and fireplace.

A touch of nature

Plants are a compulsory addition to anything that is of the backyard. While you could always do a garden and patio combination that always works, spring takes advantage of being the ideal time to care for flowering plants and greenery that your space can thrive and you can hang out in. The backyard patio pavers of Los Angeles might agree with you on this one.

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