Circling Retaining Walls Along Grassy Backyard

Walls, planters, and steps are common projects that are a good idea to update when transforming your outdoor living space, but usually the choice of cinder block and brick are the most commonly used materials.

Here are a couple of other products made by Belgard that do not compromise the strength needed for your project, but will definitely add to the beauty of your yard with their varying color and natural look.

Belair Wall is one of the two wall systems that Belgard offers from its collection. It’s a great retaining and freestanding product that uses its beautiful aesthetic look as its main attraction. The multi-piece design and mixture of colors makes it the perfect choice when looking for a cinder block alternative.

Celtik Wall uses a more natural look by giving the edges a rough texture and using natural hues. If you are going for more of an old world European look in your backyard, then this is the perfect stone to you to build your walls and steps. Both wall systems are also great at complimenting any paving stones that you may have installed or considering to add on.

Either of these materials can be used for garden walls, steps, or planters and come with individual color palettes. If you would like more information on this stone or would like to have an estimate done for your home, feel free to give Pacific Outdoor Living a call at 888-600-7224.