We recently mentioned that Pacific Outdoor Living will be featured on NBC’s School Pride this September, and today was the first of 5 days of work. The crew arrived early and broke ground fast making this section of the remodel move faster than originally expected.

Currently what is being done is the excavation of dirt to make room for the rocks and ponds to be installed in the coming days, also the grading for the paving stones, walkways and landscaping is being done as well.

Pacific Outdoor Living Landscaping for Local High School

The local students are also volunteering here at their school, and are swinging axes and pushing shovels to help our crew get the school finished as the film crew catches all of the action.

Dirt is being relocated to build up the ponds waterfalls, and streams. Tons of boulders and rocks have already been dropped off which will also be part of the water features. Once the initial demolition is done more materials will be brought in to complete the job.

Pacific Pavingstone Constructing new Space for High SchoolOwners and designers Terry and Chad Morrill are also present with plans in hand to make sure that everything is done to specifications. The administrative staff have already noticed the quickness in speed that the crew are working to get the job done.

A lot has already taken place in just one day, and this is just the beginning. Once the crew finishes and the dust cloud settles, what will be revealed is a beautiful work of art for these students to enjoy for the years to come.

Check in daily as we will be continuing updating what is going on here on the set of School Pride.

;Pacific Outdoor Living Transforms the Courtyard of a High School