typical interlocking pavers installation

What makes an interlocking paving stone system flexible?

If you’re looking for longevity for your hardscapes, pavers  make a great choice. 

With paving stones, you can pick a color or shape you like as well as a laying pattern you deem would complement your home’s architectural theme. 

The real beauty of paving stones, however, lies on the system it is designed around.

Built for extreme durability

Imagine rubbing sand papers against each other. They cease to move. In the same vein, the “interlock” or the friction of joint sand between paver to paver holds the stones in place.

Pavers aren’t just laid on the surface. Below it is one inch of bedding sand, and below the bedding sand is a compacted aggregate base. The aggregate base vary in thickness depending on its application.

The edge restraints, on the other hand, keep the pavers and sand intact. They’re usually made of concrete, plastic, or aluminum. Once the edge restraints are set, the sand is then swept in between pavers, which in turn creates the “interlock.”

Mortar isn’t used in the installation process which makes repairs paving stones easy. Stones are extremely durable but in the unlikely event that they get damaged, replacing a stone is simple. Not even a single trace will be visible in your work area.

No long waiting time

If your driveway or yards attract heavy traffic, installation of paving stones will also be favorable for you because once done, the area will be immediately ready for use. You don’t have to wait for a few days more for the curing time.

Interlocking pavers are so flexible they can handle the stress of a heavy load. The system will not shift or sag as concrete do. 

Paving stones are ideal for outdoor living spaces because maintenance is simplified. You can enjoy an elegant looking yard or driveway minus the dreaded upkeep. You can even match the design to the ambience you want achieved.

Here are few examples.

interlocking pavers used for driveways

interlocking pavers for driveways

paving stone pattern

For more inspiration, you can check out this post about paver design and uses.

If you want to switch to an interlocking paving stone system, make sure that you deal only with professional installers. Your pavers can only be as effective as the team that delivered the project to you.

Don’t forget to request for referrals as nobody else can describe the company workmanship better than the people they’ve directly worked with.

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