driveway paver designs

Driveway pavers can add a great deal of appeal and style to what would typically be a drab and uninspiring stretch of pavement. Unfortunately, some driveways are made of hastily and sloppily poured concrete, gravel, or asphalt, and these materials can all become unsightly relatively fast.

Grass and weeds can grow up through the cracks in concrete and asphalt, while gravel that’s gone un-raked and un-refreshed for a long time can get patchy and dirty. This not only makes the overall property look untidy, but may even decrease the value of a home.

Driveway paving might not seem like a big deal upon first thought, but in reality, it is very important to pave your driveway properly. Otherwise, what could be a visually appealing portion of your property becomes an eyesore.

topnotch driveway paver designs

Driveways can be paved in almost any sort of material as long as it’s sturdy and has good drainage. However, perhaps the best method is to use paving bricks and stones. Pacific Pavingstone can supply and install pavers that give your driveway a real flair.

Our driveway paving stones and bricks not only add to the overall look of the landscape, but they’re easy to care for. They can bear the weight of even the mightiest, most fully-loaded SUVs and trucks, and they are specifically made for outdoor wear-and-tear.

Pavers from Pacific Pavingstone will last at least as long as the client’s house itself.

When it comes to choosing the right pavers for your property, you’re in luck. Our brick pavers are fun and eye-catching, and they can come in standard sizes in many colors and textures. They can be jumbo sized or irregular shaped.

They can also be laid in many patterns, including the traditional basket weave, herring bone, running bond, capped herringbone, diagonal herring bone, and double basket weave. For edging, bricks can be put on end, on edge, or laid flat.

driveway paver designs from pacific pavingstone

Stone is also a great material for driveway paving. Our stone pavers are often laid in a concrete base to give them extra strength, and they can be made of Belgian block, which is granite cut into blocks and laid over the driveway.

No matter what option you choose, rest assured that we have what you need to fix up your driveway. Contact us today to change your driveway from dull and dilapidated to tough and terrific!

Learn more about how the team at Pacific Pavingstone can help you choose the right paving stones for your next project by contacting our designers.