water wise landscaping with pavers

Let life flow as you explore water wise landscaping with pavers. Maintain color and texture in your yard even as you minimize water use.

With creativity and input from professional Southern California landscape designers and builders, you can create yard spaces that Mother Nature will approve of.

Permeable Pavers

There’s a significant difference between permeable paving and a standard interlocking paver installation. The former is designed to let water percolate easily into the soil below while the latter prevents water from draining. When properly installed, a permeable paver surface helps reduce stormwater runoff. It’s attractive, functional, and eco-friendly.

driveway permeable pavers

Pavers and Pervious Materials

Combine use of pavers along with naturally permeable materials such as decomposed granite or gravel for your outdoor flooring. Choose between the various types of pavers depending on the look you want achieved.

Landscaping with Pavers and Permeable Materials

Lining Paver Pathways with Colorful Perennials

Southern California is blessed with beautiful native plants and a trip to a nursery or perhaps a drive around the neighborhood will prove you just that. Along with colorful blooms, drought-tolerant agaves can also be added to your plant collection.

paver walkways

Adding a Stream Bed

Welcome the gentle sound of running water in your yard the eco-friendly way. Work with your landscape design and build contractor to designing a low-maintenance water feature. Install a bridge to thrill kids and invite guests to explore further in your yard.

drought tolerant landscaping with a stream bed

Installing Rock Fountain

Where pond or waterfall systems may not be amenable, a rock fountain can be used as an alternative. Its natural look blends perfectly with the surrounding landscape. Plus, it can be installed in yards of any size and shape.

garden rock fountain

Even after installing regular pavers in your yard, you still can achieve a water wise landscaping. Complement them with pervious materials and low-maintenance water features.

Consult professional Southern California landscape designers how you can make your ideas happen. Take advantage of Free, No Obligation Estimate offers.