turfstone driveway

If you have any kind of backyard driveway or grassed area that is used to park or store a vehicle, chances are the grass isn’t looking too good. The reason for this is that wheeled traffic will compact the soil to such a degree that it can no longer absorb the water and nutrients it needs to grow and survive.

You can, of course, pave the area with concrete or stones and have a great driveway, but this means losing the look of your lawn.

Or, you can “pave” the area with grass pavers, a perfect choice for those who want to park their car or RV and retain the beauty of their lawn.

Grass Pavers


Turfstone pavers have a unique lattice shape, which provides a structural surface, while also allowing grass to grow in the gaps.

The stones make up a 60% concrete surface and 40% open area.

The soil remains permeable and grass is able to grow freely, giving you a beautiful greenspace and parking solution, all in one.

Turfstone Installation

It’s also one of the best solutions to soil erosion and storm runoff problems as well, particularly if the area is on a slope.

Turfstone is used to provide overflow parking for school campuses, golf courses and parks, as well as for emergency access routes and rest areas on interstates.

Check out this example below of a park with turfstone pavers.

Park with Turfstone Pavers

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