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3 Driveway Ideas That Will Make An Outsize Impact On Your Property

Make a strong first impression with these driveway ideas!

Driveways are most often the first impression someone has when looking at a home, yet they are severely neglected by most homeowners. Ironically enough, most homeowners think of driveways as entirely functional and not at all a space that can upgrade their curb appeal. Below are three ideas for improving your most visible outdoor space.  With dozens of color variations and a variety of shapes and sizes, paving stones can seamlessly match your home and create another outdoor area you can be proud of.


driveway ideas driveway ideas
If you enjoy the look of modern architecture and landscaping, a modern driveway style may be the best design option for you. A modern driveway design would include drought tolerant plants, a minimalistic approach and geometric shapes. If those three phrases made you think “ooh la la!” then you have the design for you!
 Adding a modern look to your home via a new driveway will keep your home up to date on the latest styles. Just because your driveway takes the most wear and tear of any feature in your home, doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish in the process and upgrade your curb appeal.

Get Edgy… Literally

driveway ideas driveway ideas
Adding a complementary paving stone curb to a driveway will create a nice, finished look. A curb can segment a homeowner’s driveway and landscaping while complimenting both outdoor aspects. If feeling really bold, feel free to experiment with a different color or shape of stone to add a pop of color and texture. Paving stones are the perfect tool to add a bold design to your home while still matching your driveway.

Mix Materials

driveway ideas driveway ideas
Show off multiple materials on your home! Get creative by adding geometric paving stone shapes and different colors to truly wow your neighbors. By adding multiple materials you are upgrading your plain old driveway to an art installation! Paving Stones offer so much diversity that they enable the homeowner to create a completely unique design that work with their style perfectly.
If you are dreaming about a concrete paver patio or driveway and looking for a paving stone contractor in Los Angeles to partner with for the long haul, we’d be happy to help you with your home renovation journey!