sealed paving stone driveway

Paver sealer is an integral part in a paving stone project. It is designed specifically to stabilize joint sand and seal the paver surface. 

Sealer not only brings out the colors in your pavers; it also prevents movement of joint sand, stops weed growth, helps prevent stains, and increases the life of your pavers. 

BP Pro Enhancing Stabilizing Sealer is a green product that is non hazardous, non toxic and FDA compliant. Sealer has the consistency of milky white water and is applied by spraying the component over the paving stone area and letting it dry. When dry, the sealer changes to a clear semi-gloss finish.

The best time to seal your pavers is right after a newly completed installation. The dirtier your pavers are, the more work goes into getting them cleaned before the sealer can be sprayed. 

Although it is better to get your paver installation sealed immediately, Sealer can be applied to old jobs to make them look brand new. 

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