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Pacific Pavingstone has become a trusted name in the city and the surrounding area since we started serving customers in 1999. We have a long history of glowing reviews from our clients thanks to great customer service and a careful eye for detail. That’s why our clients tell us that after we’ve completed a job, their neighbours start eyeing the new patio or driveway and they soon ask for contact info for our teams!

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Alhambra Paver Driveway

One of our paver driveway projects in Alhambra

Pacific Pavingstone specializes in paving stone services for customers across the Los Angeles area and surrounding communities, including Alhambra. Since 1999, we have installed paving stone driveways, patios and pool decks, with over 10,000 completed projects and counting. If that seems like a lot of projects, you’re right! In fact, we’ve earned a spot on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies in America not once, but twice. So why do customers choose Pacific Pavingstone time and time again?

Firstly, we’re a family owned and operated company located in Sun Valley, California. Terry Morrill and sons Trent and Chad are the owners of Pacific Outdoor Living, the parent company of Pacific Pavingstone, California Waterscape, Jack’s Turf and Southern California Swimming Pools. We deeply understand the importance of enjoying your yard, and that’s why we treat every property with the care and respect as if it were our own. Because we are local, you can check out our map to find completed projects near you!

Our team also has unparalleled experience in the industry. Terry has been a general contractor in the business for 35 years and holds an architecture degree. With his extensive expertise, he has instilled a culture of quality work. All of our crews undergo training and certification to ensure the value of their work meets the highest standards for our customers every time. The training our crews get is five times more thorough than the average, and our crews must pass their certification with nothing less than 100%.

In addition to our expertise and experience, Pacific Pavingstone delivers truly quality service at every level. From the moment our customers meet us, they can tell that we care. Because your satisfaction is our top priority, we have an entire full-time department that handles all warranty issues and customer service requests, even replacing worn-out parts and fixtures long after we have completed the project. We believe our dedication to customer service is one of the many reasons a large part of our business comes from repeat customers, whether they’re beginning new projects at their current home or projects and a new home. Ultimately, we sell labor hours, not products. That’s why we do not mark up our pavers; our customers pay the same price that we do for our materials at wholesale prices.

Alhambra Paver Pool Deck

One of our paver pool deck jobs in Alhambra

Lastly, at Pacific Pavingstone, we do it all: we handle everything outdoors including complete landscape designs, large or small hardscape installations, swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, pergolas and more. Our customers love the convenience of getting everything they need under one roof.

To sum it up, our owner put it best: “When I tell people that we are simply the best – we use the best system, the best products, the best crews, and that I guarantee 100% satisfaction with their job, they believe me because it’s the truth! It is very easy to get this across to the customer if it’s true. If it’s not true, you can only tell the lie so many times before you and your company begin to self destruct.” Pacific Pavingstone has done the opposite of destruct – we continue to grow thanks to our proud work, loyal customers, and hard-earned referrals!

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About Pavers in Alhambra

Alhambra is a city located in Los Angeles County, specifically in the the western San Gabriel Valley region, just a mere eight miles from downtown Los Angeles. It’s bordered by South Pasadena on the northwest, San Marino on the north, San Gabriel on the east, and Monterey Park on the south. With such proximity to the City of Angels, one might be surprised to find this quaint city closeby.

Alhambra Paver Pool Deck (Front View)

Straight-on view of an Alhambra paver pool deck

Alhambra homeowners each own own a little pieces of history in this town. In fact, the city has designated twenty-six single-family residential areas as historic neighborhoods, including the Bean Tract, the Midweek Tract, the Airport Tract, and the Emery Park area. We recognize that it’s an honor to own a home in Alhambra, which is why we take the utmost care in all of our projects. Whether we’re paving a driveway or creating a full custom landscape design, we treat every project as if it were our own property.

Because of Alhambra’s location in Los Angeles County, residents enjoy a Mediterranean climate with warm summers and moderate winters, as well as almost 300 sunny days a year. That’s almost two-thirds more than the national average! At Pacific Pavingstone, we want to create spaces for you to enjoy your outdoors on these sunny days. If you want to sit out on a patio, we have the stones for that! And if you have a pool, we can pave the surrounding area as well. It’s our goal to help you enjoy your yard as much as possible. Because we specialize in far more than just paving, we are also able to assist with all of your landscaping needs. We can even recommend native plants to blend seamlessly with the rest of your property, adding a colorful juxtaposition to the stone we lay!

Additionally, we know that this climate can cause little rainfall, which can be a challenge when keeping up your landscaping. We can pave large parts of your yard so that you don’t have to worry about maintaining vegetation. However, your yard does not have to be all stone; we can also add some color and greenery with drought-tolerant plants. Many of our clients go for this option as an easy-to-maintain landscape. If you don’t mind rolling up your sleeves, we can recommend even more plants to spruce up your yard and to test your green thumb.

Alhambra Long Paver Driveway

Long Paver Driveway in Alhambra

Residents of Alhambra also enjoy a range of housing styles including craftsman, bungalow, Spanish Mediterranean, Spanish colonial, Italian beaux-arts and arts and crafts. During our inspection, we are happy to recommend paving stones that best match your current home aesthetic or balance nicely to bring in a different look. For example, we can consider laying stones in circular or fan patterns for Mediterranean or Spanish style homes. For a craftsman style home, we may consider using cobblestone to mimic the historic look or a more modern I-locking pattern to juxtapose old and new styles. Whatever your preference, Pacific Pavingstone has the material and design for you.

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