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At Pacific Pavingstone, we’re passionate about creating outdoor spaces our customers in Glendale can enjoy year-round. While we specialize in paving stone for driveways, patios, pools and more, our team does it all, including complete landscape designs, large or small hardscape installations, swimming pools, outdoor kitchen, pergolas and more. Our customers love the convenience of getting everything they need under one roof. In fact, our track-record for creating outdoor spaces that our customers love has fueled our growth as a company. A large part of our business comes from repeat customers, whether they’re looking to complete another project at their home or begin a new project at a new home. With over 10,000 completed projects and counting, we have earned a spot on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies in America twice. So why do customers love Pacific Pavingstone?

We are a team of experienced, highly-trained professionals. Terry Morrill and sons Trent and Chad are the owners of Pacific Outdoor Living, the parent company of Pacific Pavingstone, California Waterscape, Jack’s Turf, and Southern California Swimming Pools. Terry has been a general contractor in the business for 35 years and holds an architecture degree. Additionally, each of the owners are not only ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute) certified, but are also instructors, teaching other contractors how to properly install paving stones. Beyond the leadership team, all of our crews are highly-trained as well, needing to pass ICPI certifications with 100%. Furthermore, all of our crews are employed by us. This allows us to have ultimate quality control at every step of the project process. Everyone is expected to work at the highest standards and stay up-to-date on the latest installation techniques. Our company even has a dedicated customer service team. They make sure that every customer is 100% satisfied with their project, and we won’t stop working until they are.

In addition to dedicated customer service, we use top-quality products as well. Our customers pay wholesale prices – we do not mark up the pavers. That means our customers pay the same price that we pay for our materials. Essentially, we sell labor hours. Your job could be as little as $8 a square foot or a $25 a square foot, depending on the conditions.

To sum it up, our owners put it best: “When I tell people that we are simply the best – we use the best system, the best products, the best crews, and that I guarantee 100% satisfaction with their job, they believe me because it’s the truth! It is very easy to get this across to the customer if it’s
true. If it’s not true, you can only tell the lie so many times before you and your company begin to self destruct.” Pacific Pavingstone has done the opposite of destruct – we continue to grow thanks to our proud work, loyal customers, and hard-earned referrals!

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About Pavers in Glendale

Glendale is a city in Los Angeles County with a population of over 200,000, making it the third largest city in Los Angeles County and a decently large city nationwide. Glendale is nestled in the southeastern end of the San Fernando Valley bisected by the Verdugo Mountains. Our Pacific Pavingstone office is just northwest of Glendale in Sun Valley!

Glendale is a vibrant community with one of the largest communities of Armenian descent in the United States, and one of the most concentrated Armenian populations in the world outside of Yerevan, Armenia. The culture can be seen reflected in the local businesses, particularly by the bakeries, coffee shops and restaurants… yum! Additionally, Glendale is home to several historical landmarks, including Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery where many notable celebrities and local residents are laid to rest. And did you know Charles Lindbergh flew his first commercial west-to-east transcontinental flight from The Grand Central Airport? Pretty cool!

Residents of Glendale are lucky to enjoy some beautiful scenery. The city is located just 10 miles north of downtown Los Angeles at the junction of the San Fernando valley and the San Gabriel valley, meaning residents get a spectacular view of the Verdugo hills. However, there are several known earthquake faults that cross through the Glendale area, including the Sierra Madre, Hollywood, Verdugo and Raymond faults.

While homeowners do need to be mindful of earthquakes, they don’t need to worry about the weather. Glendale has a lovely Mediterranean climate like the rest of Los Angeles County. Although the rainfall is relatively low and it’s only snowed a handful of times, Glendale experiences some higher highs and lower lows than some of the surrounding cities, with temperatures reaching into the hundreds in peak summer months. Residents also sometimes experience the infamous Santa Ana winds bringing strong gusts and some destruction along the way. Yet for the most part, Glendale has a warm climate perfect for enjoying the backyard. Consider planting some native California trees, like the redwood or sycamore, for added shade.

It’s clear that residents of Glendale enjoy time spent outdoors. In fact, the city has nearly 50 public parks! Notable parks include the Deukmejian Wilderness Park in the north and the Cerritos Park in the south.

Because of the friendly, vibrant culture, the warm climate, and the love of parks, Pacific Pavingstone enjoys bringing landscape designs to homeowners in Glendale. If you’re looking for a newly-paved driveway, we can design one that you will love as you pull up to your house at the end of every day. We know exactly which materials to use and how to space the stones so that your driveway can safely bare the weight of your vehicles. Additionally, if you’re looking for a stone patio to sit outside and enjoy the heat, we can help you choose from a huge variety of stones by finish, shape and pattern. Or, if you’re looking to escape the Glendale heat by taking a dip in the pool, let us pave the surrounding area so you can safely dive in and out.

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