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4 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Patio Over a Deck

Many options exist for homeowners in LA when it comes to putting their outdoor space for functional use. For the greater number of homeowners, however, the decision always comes down to choosing between either a patio or a deck. Most homeowners are at sixes and sevens when it comes to finally make a concrete choice between the two. Make no doubt about it; both patios and decks are excellent ways of creating a surface not only for relaxing with your family but for entertaining your guests as well as even having some personal time alone sunbathing.

But which of the options is more suitable for your home? Well, there are not any straightforward answers to this question as a fitting choice would ultimately depend on your budget, landscape profile or aesthetic needs. Whilst this is not in any way to sound biased, many paving stone contractors in Los Angeles sincerely feel patios offer better returns on investments than wood decks. Why not read on to find out why!

  1. Patios are easy on the budget

For each square foot, a deck is likely to cost you an average of about $30, and that’s for using only treated wood. Using mahogany, cedar or any form of composite material is like to triple the price. When it comes to patios, you are likely to incur a cost of about $15 for every square foot. Of course, depending on the size of the patio, the figure may increase slightly but it is definitely budget-friendly when being compared with a deck.

  1. Patios are easier to maintain

Sealing your pavers is an excellent way of protecting the investments you’ve made in your patio or deck as they are constantly vulnerable to the elements and are thus in need of continuous maintenance to keep them in great shape for many years. Patios being more durable than decks, as long as the installation is done properly, may need sealing once every 3 years whilst decks do need to be sealed every year

  1. Patios last longer

Because of the how durable the materials used for patios are, they are likely to stand up to rain and other harsh weather conditions, thereby lasting a lifetime, unlike decks that are created using wood or composites which are more susceptible to temperature extremes.

  1. Patios provide a higher return on investment

Even though both patios and decks do increase the resale value of a home, an elegant, well designed and constructed patio can do so by almost 12% whilst a deck can increase your home’s value by about 10% according to the Gallop Organization. When all is said and done, not only do you spend less on constructing a patio, you could get higher returns should you decide to later sell the property. In comparison to a deck, what would you rather have?

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