We don’t price by the square foot.

As contractors, we sell labor hours.  Our customers pay the same price that we do for materials.  In other words, they get our wholesale prices.

Since we don’t mark up our pavers, if one paver costs $2.50 more a square foot than anther, you simply pay the difference.

If the conditions are perfect your job could cost as little as $8.00 a square foot, or if the conditions are difficult your job could cost $25.00 a square foot.

To give you an idea, here’s a job with nearly perfect conditions:

Perfect Conditions

  1. Large, flat and accessible – 3000 square feet or more (this has all but the size).
  2. Easy demolition – the old asphalt or dirt is accessible by bobcat close to the street.
  3. One size stone and one color.
  4. Few cuts.
  5. Pavers are restrained by the existing walls on each side, the sidewalk and the garage floor.
Perfect Conditions For Backyard Job

Difficult Conditions

  1. Not accessible– all demolition must be carried out by hand and all stones must be brought in by hand.
  2. Hard demolition– all concrete with rebar– no room for a bobcat.
  3. Different sizes of stones and colors.
  4. Lots of cuts.
  5. New restraints and steps need to be installed.
illustration of difficult conditions for backyard job

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