Check out these landscape lighting ideas for your Los Angeles property.

How Landscape Lighting Around a Patio, Walkway, or Driveway Will Transform Your Los Angeles Property

Landscape lighting has the ability to take any outdoor project to the next level. It’s often referred to as the icing on the cake, and while that’s certainly true—in that it completes the look—there’s so much to lighting than that. Once they have outdoor lighting, most homeowners say they don’t know how they ever lived without it. Not only is it aesthetically appealing but it also offers an element of safety and security that is priceless.

There are two approaches to a landscape lighting project. It can either be more installed at the onset, as part of the project. Or, it can be added on at later date to enhance an existing project by making it safer and more functional. Since new landscape lighting does not require disruptive, deep digging, this is an easy add-on that can be done at any time.

Landscape Lighting Around a Patio

There’s nothing quite like enjoying time on your beautiful outdoor patio. But are you finding that you have to cut the fun short when the sun goes down? By adding landscape lighting to your patio, it doesn’t have to be that way. Landscape lighting is an excellent way to extend the use of your space—which helps you get more out of your investment. There is both a science and an art to installing lighting and when done properly, it will also boost the aesthetic appeal of your patio. A landscape lighting pro will uplight certain architectural features for your home or brilliantly highlight a unique tree, making the space just as beautiful in the evening hours as it is during the day.

paver walkway designs for patios with lights

Patio lighting is also important in terms of safety. Many patios contain steps and surrounding retaining walls which are useful to light up in order to prevent them from becoming trip-and-fall hazards. It’s much safer to enjoy outdoor time outdoors at night when the space is well-lit.

Landscape Lighting for a Walkway or Steps

Landscape lighting around a walkway can add beauty to the paths in your front or backyard. There is nothing quite like a nicely lit front walkway to come home to or to welcome guests to your home. And a backyard path through your landscape beds or leading through your yard looks can now be appreciated and safely traversed even in the evening hours.  

paver walkway designs with lights

Among many potential landscape lighting ideas for your walkway include lighting up your front porch, using lighting to cast unique shadows on the front or back of your home, and uplighting some of the trees and shrubs that line your path. All of these will improve aesthetics, boosting curb appeal in the front yard and making the backyard more enjoyable.  

Of course there is also a safety element to consider. Landscape lighting on your walkways will ensure that everyone makes is safely from their car to your front door. Or, if you have a backyard pathway leading from a patio to deck stairs, or perhaps to a pool house, lighting will make it safer to navigate those areas as well.  When thoughtfully designed and laid out, lighting will illuminate potential trip-and-fall hazards that could easily cause an injury.

paver walkway designs for your Los Angeles property

Since steps and retaining walls are often part of front or backyard walkways, it’s beneficial to light up these elements so that family members or guests don’t run into them or lose their footing. Lighting can actually be built right into steps and walls for both aesthetic appeal and functional purposes. By eliminating some of these dangers, you also lower your liability when guests are on your property.

Driveway Lighting Ideas

Also of critical importance in the front yard is the driveway. A nicely lit driveway is simply more appealing and welcoming. Having driveway lighting installed by an experienced professional solicits a thoughtful approach. It is softly lit and skillfully placed. It is not a bright spotlight that makes you feel like a deer-in-the-headlights when you pull in. There is a vast distinction between professional lighting and what the average contractor or homeowner can pick up from their local big box store.

In addition to aesthetics, driveway lighting also adds an important element of not only safety (again, preventing trips and falls), but also security. A well-lit driveway is an automatic deterrent to intruders. Your family and guests can feel safer getting out of their cars and entering your home at night. That peace of mind alone is worth the investment in landscape lighting.

Landscape Lighting from a Professional

A lot of homeowners will stick a few spotlights around their property and say that they have landscape lighting. But the truth is, there is a huge difference between the lighting that is installed by a professional lighting designer and what the average person can do. Not only will a do-it-yourself job lack that artistic touch that gives you premium aesthetic appeal, but without a professional you won’t have access to high-end materials and the latest lighting technology.

Professional-grade fixtures could last for decades when compared to what the average homeowner could buy on their own at the local home improvement store. Store-bought parts may start to corrode or deteriorate in just a few years’ time and you will find yourself repeatedly paying for new parts.

paver walkway designs for patios

At Pacific Paving Stone, we use the latest LED lighting technology in our landscape lighting projects, which will save you both time and money. LED lights typically last approximately 50 times longer than your average incandescent bulb. You can also save up to 80% of your typical energy costs when using LED lights for your outdoor project. While LED might cost you a bit more on the front end, in the long run they are worth the investment in time and dollars saved.

Whether it be our combination of skill and expertise, our access to premium products, or simply our eye for design, Pacific Paving Stone is ideally suited to tackle any outdoor lighting project.

Let us help you with beautifully illuminating your Southern California property! Check out some examples of our landscape lighting projects. You can also give us a call at (818) 275-8613 to talk more about your landscape lighting ideas and get a free estimate.