Designing a Permeable Paver Surface


What happens when you dump 5,000 gallons of water on your driveway?

If it’s a permeable paver driveway, the water goes into the aquifer or a storage tank for later use. To prove the system works, the above video shows 2,000 gallons of water being dumped with zero runoff—all the water went to the holding tank not, the over-taxed storm drains!


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Pacific Pavingstone is named “BEST OF THE BEST!”

Pacific Pavingstone was recently featured in Best of the Best Televison! Best of the Best searches nationwide to find the best businesses in the nation and each month, they showcase a new company that they feel lives up to their name.

We are honored to be this month’s featured company! Click the video to watch the exclusive segment on Pacific Pavingstone.

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How to Repair a Broken Driveway Paving Stone in 3 Steps

You’ve finally decided to switch to paving stones and you couldn’t be happier about it. You just love coming home to an elegant-looking driveway. But a few months later, you notice a stone is broken. It’s no longer as perfect as it used to be.

Paving stones are extremely durable and low maintenance. However, as with any other landscape projects, proper installation is crucial. But don’t worry. While it’s unlikely to find broken paving stones, it only takes a few steps to remedy this eyesore. You can even do it yourself.

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Going Green: 5 Things to Love About Permeable Pavers


In a previous post, we showed you how permeable pavers work and how we install them. If you’re still thinking whether or not to replace your driveway with permeable pavers, then this list should be able to help you decide finally.

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Spruce Up Your Side Yard this Summer with Paving Stones

Paving Stone Side Yard

Your side yard can do better than storing trash bins and unwanted shrubs.

That little strip that connects the front yard with your backyard can be transformed from boring and empty to an inviting and functional outdoor space that everyone in the family will love.

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What is Stamped Concrete?

Stamped concrete is concrete that has been stamped with a special mold, giving it the appearance of stone or tile. Stamped concrete has become a great alternative to plain old poured concrete and an affordable choice for those looking for a stone finish. There are hundreds of different textures and patterns available to choose from, giving your patio or walkway the look of brick, slate, cobblestone, tile or even wood.

Stamped Concrete Entryway

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Tumbled Pavers – Get the Look and Feel of an Old, Stone Road

Whether you own a home built in a previous era, have an outdoor space that feels unique and vintage or just want to add a touch of old-world flair to your property, tumbled paving stones might be just what you’re looking for.

Large Estate with Tumbled Paver Driveway

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How to Stain a Deck

Whether you just installed a new wooden deck or your existing deck simply needs to be re-stained, following these simple steps will have it looking like new again. If you’re happy with the color of the wood, then a finish is all you’ll need. But if you’d like to change the appearance of your deck, a stain should be applied as well.

Wooden Pool Deck

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What is Flagstone?

Flagstone is a general term given to sedimentary rock used in paving and landscaping. Sedimentary rock is formed over time by strong pressure and heat, which forces together layers of small particles and creates a strong, dense mass. This formation is then split into thin sheets which we call flagstone.

Flagstone Pool Patio

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Permeable Pavers

Permeable Paving Stones with Running Hose


Even in Southern California, where rain isn’t a regular occurrence, storm run-off can still be a problem. With a common cement or concrete driveway, rainwater rolls down onto the street and into the storm drain. The rain carries with it things like grass, fertilizers, trash and other contaminates that go down into the drain.

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